Latitudes Cinema is a NYC-based itinerant microcinema committed to its communities, its artists, and their shared experiences. Our purpose is to be a space that promotes creative dialogues and human connections through the magic of cinematic storytelling.

We champion world and diasporic cinema while empowering artists from often overlooked backgrounds in the film industry allowing them to have a safe exhibition venue in NYC to present their work, to engage directly with their communities and to develop new audiences.

Latitudes Cinema currently presents a fully curated and community centered seasonal program with in-person  and online activities. Through post-screening discussions, we provide and facilitate a direct interaction between artists and audiences.

Latitudes Cinema is a space of impactful exhibition and meaningful encounters. We are inspired by the diverse communities of NYC, its often-overlooked landmarks, and its unique film exhibition spaces. Recognizing the cooperative nature of films, we create partnerships with grassroots organizations to advance community engagement and to strengthen collective efforts on all fronts. Our aim is to serve as a bridge of connection and understanding through authentic storytelling with the purpose of developing a more harmonic society that embraces dialogue, the richness of cultural diversity and the broadness of humanity.

At Latitudes Cinema we have a community-centered approach to all what we do. 

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